Targets and expected results


  • Clarify requirements for carbon materials for selected applications.
  • Quantify the material properties and performance arising from the various carbon structures containing particles, fibres, sheets and foams.
  • Carry out modelling assisted material design and optimization of such structures for selected application areas.
  •  Determine relationships between precursor materials & structure as well as processing to carbon quality.
  •  Combine our background knowledge of materials and processing methods.
  • Make carbon designs based on above mentioned work.
  • Testing few designs by manufacture of novel carbon material samples using bio-based polymers with different precursor types and processes.
  • Evaluation of market potential of novel carbon materials in co-operation with Finnish and international companies.
  • Preliminary environmental effect evaluations for selected materials of the whole the life cycle.
  • Selection of most potential application fields for product and process development.

As results we will obtain

  • Requirements for carbons in (7 application fields).
  • Preliminary evaluation of the business opportunities for these materials.
  • Materials samples of selected carbon materials designed for specific applications (e.g. 4-5), some of which (e.g. 1-2) are to be tested as product samples.
  • Network of companies in different states of value chain.
  • Network of research institutes capable of carrying out the further development work.
  • More detailed and updated road-map for bio-based structural carbons.

Figure. Road-map for tailored bio-polymer based structural carbon materials.