Project information
Partners  VTT
Project manager, contact person,
senior scientist Dr. Pirjo Heikkilä
Responsible leader, Pia Qvintus 
  Tampere University of Technology (TUT)
Responsible leader Dr. Prof. Jyrki Vuorinen
Duration  2 years   
Budget  Total 928.6 k€ - VTT 580.8 k€ and TUT’s 347.8 k€
Project type  Tekes - Small strategic research opening
Tekes contribution Total 556 k€ - VTT 348 k€ and TUT 208 k€


In this project we survey technological possibilities to obtain lignocellulose based high performance structured carbon business in Finland. Carbon materials have many general properties which makes them attractive in various applications. Our approach is to design novel structural carbon materials to meet requirements of selected added value performance applications using bio-based polymers as raw materials which are formed to solid precursor’s structures of various shapes and sizes prior to carbonization. Material and product demonstrations are made based on carbon designs. Evaluation of market potential of novel carbon materials and preliminary LCA analyses are done for selected demonstrations. As a result we’ll have road-map for bio-based structural carbons in Finland.

Novelty of the project

  • Use of sustainable raw materials base, abundantly available in Finland, aiming for large scale production of carbon.
  • Novel carbon materials as well as advanced properties and functionality obtained from precursor processing and carbonization.
  • New process paths in carbon production.
  • More economic and ecological processes for current carbon materials.
  • Completely new application fields for carbons to replace other materials.