Description of work

The main idea of this project proposal is to use bio based renewable polymers as raw materials for solid preformed precursors which can be carbonized into novel structural carbon materials for various applications. We will start by determining requirements for carbon materials in various application fields, including those already using carbon as well as new application fields. This is done in co-operation with Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) so that all aspects, including customer requirements, techno-economic aspects and business potential, will be taken into account. As a second step we will make Carbon designs. Carbon design can be determined as rational process to answer industrial needs. That means that we will use our background knowledge of raw materials as well as precursor preparation and carbonization processes together with modelling in order to select path for tailored carbon materials. We evaluate the techno-economic and commercialization aspects of these designs and select few of those which could have largest business potential. Selected carbon designs are demonstrated as material and product samples and evaluated against industrial requirements including material properties, and business potential. These main phases of the project are presented in Figure 1.

Figure 1. Main phases of the BioPreCarb project.

Work is divided into four research work packages including theoretical and experimental work. WP1 Applications and industrial requirements and WP2 Technological and economic aspects contain more theoretical work, while experimental work is mainly done in WP3 Material and product samples and WP4 Characterization and testing. The work flow including stages and timing of the work is presented in Figure 2.

Figure 2. Work flow and timing of research work, deliverables and milestones (Colors indicate the workpackages: red = WP1, green = WP2, blue = WP3, orange = WP4).